Nagareboshi High School

Spotlight - HERO: Nagareboshi High School

Posted:February 23, 2014
Main Entrance

Nagareboshi Koukou [流れ星 高校](Shooting Star High School) is an institution established to train students to pilot the giant mechanical robots better known as the HERO. Built just a few years after the first invasion, it sits in the middle of Takeizumi-machi where the peninsula joins to the mainland. It is one of hundreds of such schools scattered all over the world.

Nagareboshi Campus

Nagareboshi currently boasts a student population of approx. 375, with capacity up to 600. Two-thirds of the student body reside in the on-campus dormitory, the rest either live in the city surrounding the school or commute from nearby cities by train, the station less than half a mile walk away. The school is currently staffed by 30 faculty members that teach either standard subjects like Math and History or training subjects like Operational Theory and HERO Systems.

Typical Corridor
UL:Classroom Entrance, UR:Unfurnished Clubroom, LL:Unfurnished Classroom, LR:Staircase

Nagareboshi has many culture and sports clubs and although membership is not mandatory most students take part in these extra-curricular activities. Headmaster Maeda Suguru prioritizes a work/life balance to keep stress levels at a minimum. Thankfully, certification as a HERO pilot guarantees entry into most universities so students don't have to study for entrance exams.

Central Courtyard
Unfurnished Greenhouse

Nagareboshi features many modern technological advancements such as fully digital display boards and student workstations. The outer four story ring contains all the classrooms, clubrooms, and administrative offices. The central two story ring contains the cafeteria and the library. The two rings are connected by a 757 seat auditorium on one side and an athletic wing on the other. Most of the roof is accessible and features an enclosed greenhouse. Multiple courtyards fill the space between the two rings.


The athletic wing contains a regulation size gymnasium and natatorium as well as specialized rooms for sports like Judo and Kendo. Outdoor facilities include a baseball diamond, tennis courts, track and soccer field, and archery range. The 40 acre campus also contains nature paths between facilities.

UL:Judo Arena, UR:Baseball Diamond, LL:Track & Field, LR:Archery Range

The HERO base sits underground beneath the campus. The hanger can hold up to 192 HERO and has two launch tunnels for deployment. Owing to the large area needed, training grounds are several miles inland along the paths of the runways and can be accessed by high-speed shuttle-car.

HERO Launch Tunnel

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