HERO: Week of 04.06

Status Report - HERO: Week of 04.06

Posted:April 06, 2014
Bus Station at the Transit Hub

I've been quite productive this week, managing to design most of the rest of the elements that will populate the landscape. They haven't all been implemented yet, but we're in a pretty good place now. After I roll out these elements I'll be moving on to work on designing the shrine buildings and the surrounding area.

Bus Stop at the Convenience Store

Bus stops are where several elements come together in the same spot. You've already seen the postboxes and now benches and protective shelters are coming in to play. There are four bus stop designs, each reflecting the environment in which they are placed. The downtown area stops are the most contemporary, reflecting the technological growth of the region following the influx of people following the first invasion.

Bus Stop South of Nagareboshi

A modernist design with curved canopy is used in the residential neighborhoods. These are unobtrusive while maintaining a delicacy with its sweeping form.

Bus Stop at Shizen Shrine

The bus stop at the shrine reflects a more traditional Japanese building style to tie it to the ancient designs of the shrine buildings that are hundreds of years old.

Bus Stop at Minami Beach

At the beaches a simple timber frame structure is used to withstand the weathering conditions of sand and surf.

Collection of Lamp Posts

We've got about half a dozen families of lamppost designs, from those with heavy ornamental decoration and some with sleek, modern simplicity. These will be put in place in various uses, from serving as streetlights to lighting parks, beaches, the harbor, and the school campus. The lamppost designs also include a few public clocks.

Covered Bike Racks

Bikes in Japan have build in wheel locks and are so cheap and widespread that they are rarely targets for theft. That being the case, bike racks don't always have posts that bikes are lashed to, often they are just protective canopies. We have two such designs made that will be placed in locations where people need to store their bikes like just outside the Shotengai and on the school campus.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.