HERO: Week of 05.25

Status Report - HERO: Week of 05.25

Posted:May 25, 2014
Hirayama Residence Gate

We finished the Hirayama Residence before breaking for a convention. This included adding a gated wall at the front entrance and the construction of an kura storehouse. Because traditional houses were made of wood and paper and had little storage space, storehouses were built to hold valuables. They were built at a distance from the main structure to prevent the spread of fire. There are several types of storehouses and the most iconic is the earthen dozo which is plastered and often two or three stories. This storehouse has a special stepped design to the windows and doors to keep fire out.

Hirayama Dozo

After returning from the convention this past week, I took care of a number of pieces of content that had been left unaddressed. Almost all of the HERO units have been roughed out, both the prototypes for the main characters and the mass production models that are used by others. About thirty-six models will make an appearance across the course of the story. I also nailed down more details about their design history and functionality. On a similar note, the forms for all the alien opponents have also been designated. Each character arc will engage in approximately a dozen battles, some of which are common to all routes, some of which are shared between several routes, and some that are unique to each route. Speaking of routes, working on completing the outline of events for each route will be one focus of the coming weeks. They're about half done right now.

HERO Character Routes

On the modeling front I've shifted back to the school campus to add detailing that wasn't present before. Doors now have signs indicating the rooms they open into. The auditorium now has a ceiling and a proper proscenium. The entrance now contains banks of shoe lockers. Large planters have sprouted on the accessible portions of the rooftop with safety fencing included.

Room Doors
Shoe Lockers
Rooftop Gardens

This sort of detailing will continue to furnish classrooms and other spaces in the school building. The dormitory and HERO base will also be fleshed out more. That will be accompanied by finishing interiors of the important stores in the shopping district.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.