HERO: Week of 06.15

Status Report - HERO: Week of 06.15

Posted:June 15, 2014

We've got five rooms to show you this week, all administrative in nature. The first is the finished infirmary. It can take care of eight sick or injured students at a time, using the newest in medical technology, though sometimes bedrest is all that is needed.


Next to the infirmary is the staffroom. In Japan, it is the teachers that move from room to room and the students stay put, unless they have to go to a specialized classroom. Though the school is not yet at full capacity, the staffroom has space for the full contigent of faculty with more than 60 workstations. Like the students, teachers have touchscreen desks that are connected to the school network. And though most data is digital there is sometimes still a need for paper files, which line the walls.

Headmaster's Office

On the other side of the staffroom is the headmaster's office. Though he embraces the latest technology in instructing his students, Maeda Suguru is an old fashioned old man who likes to have wooden furniture and paper books in his office. The school is new so there are no photos of old headmasters as he is the first one.

Conference Room

Down the hall from the staffroom stand the conference rooms. As usual, these hold digital desks that can be moved around to accommodate the needs of whatever meeting is being held there.

Shoe Locker

This strip of rooms ends with the revised entrance and shoe locker. The change in flooring material indicates where the change from outdoor to indoor shoes is made.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.