HERO: Week of 06.29

Status Report - HERO: Week of 06.29

Posted:June 29, 2014
Band Classroom

Most of this week's work was on The Residuals, but we did get a number of additional rooms furnished within Nagareboshi HS. Music and art classrooms have been furnished, each loaded up with their tools of the trade. Music rooms support both band and choir practice while art rooms can be arranged for painting, sculpture, and so forth.

Art Classroom
Art Classroom

Additions in this wing of the building include updating the auditorium with guardrails and furnishing the control room with projectors and interfaces for light and sound. Like the rest of the building they utilize large touchscreen surfaces connected to the rest of the school network.

Auditorium Control Room

Guardrails have also been added to balcony levels in the gymnasium and natatorium. Storage rooms for athletic equipment have been stocked with the usual items: vaulting horses and gymnastics mats and bins for balls.

Gymnasium Storage Room

Rooms still to furnish are dwindling in number. Science classrooms, pilot simulator classrooms, and the rooftop greenhouse are what remains. Then we move to fill the dormitory and develop the HERO base portion of the campus.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.