HERO: Week of 07.06

Status Report - HERO: Week of 07.06

Posted:July 06, 2014
Science Classroom

Nagareboshi High School is pretty much done being furnished. Not every room has stuff in it, just the ones that will be used. There are still a few things that need to be added later. We've got a basic science classroom now. There is also a generic clubroom. Once we know which clubs will play larger roles they can be furnished to reflect those specifics.

Typical Clubroom
Student Council

There are also a number of very specific rooms that have been furnished. The school council room is two clubrooms with the dividing wall taken out. Related to the student council are the broadcast and press rooms. The broadcast has a room for television and one for radio. The press room has its own printing press with folding and binding and everything.

UL:Press Room, UR:Printing Press, LL:Radio Broadcast, LR:TV Broadcast

Above the auditorium is a greenhouse. There are beds for growing and shelves & tables for pots. Much of the roof is a green roof, with lots of space for plantings. Built into the planters are benches and tables.

Third Floor Roof
Fifth Floor Roof

We then moved down the path to begin furnishing the dormitory. The first floor has all the communal amenities like cafeteria and laundry. The other floors are student rooms, 200 total with double occupancy. Each room has toilet and shower, but there's also a large bath (sento) on the first floor for those that want to soak.

Dormitory Bath

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.