HERO: Week of 08.10

Status Report - HERO: Week of 08.10

Posted:August 10, 2014
Igarashi Bakery

The shops in the shotengai are now two-thirds done with their exterior facades. We will be finishing these up then moving on to the rest of the buildings in the shopping district.

Fruit Hat

The district is broken down into four blocks and each contains certain types of shops.

Left:Green River Tea; Right:Nakamura Noodles, Akamatsu Rice, Uro Butcher

The shops in the shotengai sell specific goods like a bakery and a butcher, alongside a couple small restaurants.

Takeizumi Post Office

The block west of the shotengai is the entertainment district, with a cinema, game arcade, karaoke, and those types of venues.

Kuma Cake

South of the shotengai are mostly service businesses, like a bank, fitness center, doctors, and such.


The last block, in the remaining southwest corner, has a mix of restaurants and small offices surrounding an open farmer's market.

Okashi Takahashi

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.