HERO: Week of 08.17

Status Report - HERO: Week of 08.17

Posted:August 17, 2014
Tamura Sake

We've now finished with the facades of the buildings in the shotengai, with the exception of the public bath. That facility has a specific vernacular that requires more time and attention to detail. That will be the next task, along with interiors of the shops that have greater prominence.

Pendulum Spring
Wakamoto Sushi
Tomoya Pharmacy, Nakashima Textiles
Rakurakutei Ramen

Some of the shotengai shops line the outside edge, along the street that runs past the primary entrance. These aren't under the covered portion but are still part of the arcade bacause the occupy the same block.

Outside, Eastern Shops
Outside, Western Shops

We also finished a couple of brick buildings to the southwest of the shotengai. These were the former site of the city government before they moved to larger facilities closer to downtown. They are now available to rent for office space.

Old Civic Center

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.