HERO: Week of 02.15

Status Report - HERO: Week of 02.15

Posted:February 15, 2015

We're getting closer to finishing the exteriors of the buildings in the shopping district. There are half a dozen facades to design and a number of signs as well.

Concert Hall

The buildings most recently completed are in the entertainment section. There's a game acrade, a couple small music halls and clubs, and a three-theater cinema. Among those still to do are a karaoke box and newspaper publisher.

Sinemux Cinema, Club64

More signs have been added to earlier buildings, identifying their occupants.

Ishinomori Veternary, Uematsu Music School
Basil Embers

I also put some more work into the farmer's market that sits between buildings in the southwest section.

Farmer's Market

Once the exteriors are finished, I'm going to jump around between working on the interiors of necessary shops and other parts of the city, like landscaping on the school grounds and down by the harbor.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.