HERO: Week of 02.22

Status Report - HERO: Week of 02.22

Posted:February 22, 2015
L to R: Recording Studio, TV/Radio Station, Newspaper Publisher

All the exteriors of the buildings in the shopping district have been designed. Nearly all of them have been branded with signs too. There are a couple that still need signs more complex than the standard types I've been using.

L: Club Imaishi, R: Fukumoto Pachinko

After finishing the buildings, I copied their basic forms to the larger model so it has the updates to the original shapes. I also sketched out the form of a museum with planetarium that I've been wanting to add. It sits east of town, just north of the cemetery.

To-be-named Museum

Now that I'm back in the larger model, I want to roll out designs to the tunnels where roads go underground. There are four tunnels, one of which already has a design. Each has unique conditions and therefore will host a unique design.

Complete Tunnel
Placeholder Tunnel

I'll be jumping around the model for a bit now, designing things here and there. In addition to the museum and tunnels, I want to detail the harbor, the school grounds, the transit hub, and the parks.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.