HERO: Week of 03.01

Status Report - HERO: Week of 03.01

Posted:March 01, 2015
Mountain Tunnel

I finished designing the three tunnels early in the week. Each has a unique design. One is like a tunnel you might see while driving on a highway in the mountains, a solid section cut into the earth. The second is a straight shot with curved entrances that looks really cool from the right perspective. The last is a series of rings that curves along the coastline with glazed sections to appreciate the beautiful view. I'm quite proud of each of them.

Straight Tunnel
Coastline Tunnel

After finishing the tunnels I put the appropriate reinforcing system into play on some of the large sheer walls. These are used to hold back large quantities of earth. The one beneath the school even includes its name in ten foot high letters.

Reinforced Wall
Nagareboshi Nameplate

After the walls, I moved to work on the sidewalks downtown, and in doing so I realized that they needed curbs. I took some time to shift roads around to include them. I'll be continuing with working on all manner of footpaths: sidewalks downtown and trails into the parks and school grounds.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.