HERO: Week of 03.08

Status Report - HERO: Week of 03.08

Posted:March 08, 2015
Downtown Takeizumi

As mentioned last week, much of what I've been working on involves the footpaths. I offset many of them from the roads to allow for a curb to separate them. The ones downtown, where there are lots of street crossings, got those textured plates at the crosswalks that indicate the change between footpath and street.

West Neighborhood

Implementing those curbs meant that I had to change some other things with roads and walls and the ground surface. While doing so I added more wall reinforcement to tall walls.

Harbor Shops

I also started detailing some buildings down by the harbor. In addition to storage warehouses, there is a strip of small shops that serve the fishermen that operate out of the harbor. Moving forward, I will continue to jump around adding detail here and there.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.