HERO: Week of 04.05

Status Report - HERO: Week of 04.05

Posted:April 05, 2015
Downtown Takeizumi

We've gotten bunches of new designs rolled into the backgrounds these past couple weeks. Most noticeably are the colors applied to the exteriors of the skyscrapers, which begin to hint at the character each building brings to the city center. This extends to the transit center which is taking shape with structures and amenities amongst the train and bus stations.

Transit Center

Moving south out towards the peninsula, it can be seen that more details are sprouting up in the streets and parks. Crosswalks are more clearly marked with textured surfaces. Colors have been applied to walls and bridge structures to better describe their character.

Bridge Structure

A great deal of fencing has been installed in places where it is required. Most noticable are the tiered sections of land where the condos sit. Other preexisting fencing has gained some color and other detailing.

Condominium Fencing

We'll continue to push forward in detailing exterior zones such as parks and beaches, along with the remaining structures of library and museum.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.