HERO: Week of 05.31

Status Report - HERO: Week of 05.31

Posted:May 31, 2015
Foyer Windows

The week's work on the Fukumatsu Residence can be split into two categories: windows and roof. I finished the majority of windows that the building will have, barring minor changes. I filled in the windows at the foyer above the entrance doors and also the wall of glazing on the other side. At the other end of the building I filled in the windows on the two towers that mark the end of the main structure. I also filled in the gap where the grand staircase sits.

Tower Windows

The roof is also mostly filled in. There are four domes: over the foyer, the ballroom, and each of the two towers. The ballroom dome is capped with a cupola to allow indirect light into the space. The other domes are finished with skylights. The rest of the space is covered with a low profile hip roof with a solitary gable above the garage. The edging of the roof is surrounded with low fencing and another row of dentils.


There will be another week of exterior detailing, then I'll move indoors and begin designing the most important spaces.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.