HERO: Week of 06.14

Status Report - HERO: Week of 06.14

Posted:June 14, 2015
Ballroom Roof

We're still working on the Fukumatsu Residence. The roof has been finished as well as some exterior detailing.

Grand Staircase

We've also started on getting to work on the important interior spaces. A good chunk of the grand staircase is complete, as well as a secondary stair at the other end of the building. Certain parts of the foyer and ballroom have been designated, but we first have to design a visual language to apply across the spaces to provice for a unified interior design concept. It will continue on the Victorian theme, with certain changes to account for the futuristic technology.

Foyer Interior

In other news, we're putting together a Patreon for Sasuga Studios. The offerings are still being determined, but there will be several tiers of support that will net you goodies like short stories, illustrations, and 3D models, some of them related to HERO. Keep an eye on our twitter feeds and look for it to launch around July 1st.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.