HERO: Week of 07.19

Status Report - HERO: Week of 07.19

Posted:July 19, 2015
Grand Staircase

We're still plowing ahead, slowly but surely. The Grand Staircase is pretty much done. It's got a carpeted runner, a nice, smooth handrail, and ornate decorative cast-iron infill.

Grand Staircase

With the first floor ground surfaces complete, we've moved up to cover the second and third floors. The hall space is pretty much all stone tile covered with rugs. There are long runners down the hallways and along the balcony with more rectangular rugs by the staircase.

Hall Runners

In other news, we've launched our Patreon! Head on over to check it out. The mascots are in charge of it, and they've come up with a bunch of goodies for tiers that range from just $1 a month all the way up to $50 a month. This is a great way to support us as you get some stuff immediately. Please consider pledging to support us!

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.