HERO: Week of 10.11

Status Report - HERO: Week of 10.11

Posted:October 11, 2015
Wall Siding (typical)

I finished the current phase of the Fukumatsu Residence. The last step involved adding siding to the exterior walls and shingles to the roof. The siding has two colors; one for the main walls and one for the towers and dormers. Right now those are olive and cobalt respectively, though that may be subject to change.

Wall Siding (towers)

The entrance is differentiated by the use of marble to frame it. Marble is used as the indoor floor material so this continuity indicated the connection between inside and outside at the point where it changes.

Marble Entrance

After I finished detailing I copied the shell of the building to the larger model for consistancy. I am now working on cleaning up retaining walls that support roads. Once that is done I have a few options. The remaining structures to build are as follows: four residences of main characters, the shells of the elementary and junior high schools, the Fenian Robotics factory. With that, all the exteriors will have been designed, albeit not all detailed to an acceptable level yet.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.