HERO: Week of 12.13

Status Report - HERO: Week of 12.13

Posted:December 13, 2015
Fenian Robotics Industrial Complex

It's been about two months since the last blog post. Let me get you caught up as to what's been accomplished in that interim. First matter of business, I participated in National Novel Writing Month in November and finished a prototype of a novel that had been bouncing around in my mind for some time. While doing that, my primary design accomplishment has been the design and modeling of the Fenian Robotics Industrial Complex. This enormous manufacturing facility contains an assembly line for HERO built by Fenian Robotics as well as factory space for their other products.

HERO Assembly Line

The Industrial Complex lies north of the city and has more than a million square footage of factory floor space. The primary facility is the assembly line for building Fenian Robotics' HERO. This building is 2000 feet long and contains more than 600,000 square feet under one roof. Only factories that make airplanes are larger. HERO are large machines so this is to be expected.

HERO Forges

Adjacent to the beginning of the assembly line are a pair of buildings that serve as forges for the metal components that make up the frame and other important structural elements. Each of these buildings is about 150,000 square feet. Armor and weaponry are built at another facility and shipped in. The same goes for the fusion reactors that power the HERO.

HERO Macro Component Factory

The next building down the line manufactures larger components like the powerful motors that allow the heavy frame to move. This facility is also about 150,000 square feet.

HERO Micro Component Factories

At the far end of the assembly line are a series of smaller factories that make the delicate components that don't require heavy-duty processes. All the circuitry, wiring, optics, and so forth are made in these buildings. Each is about 10,000 to 15,000 square feet in footprint, but are able to be several stories tall because these components are smaller and don't require ground-level access.


All the aforementioned buildings are right next to the assembly line, separated only by a causeway. There are enormous garage doors in the line so the components can be brought in and assembled as each unit passes along the line. The causeway runs throughout the entire campus and is large enough so the completed HERO units can be transported along it.

Fiannatech Factory

As I stated before, this facility doesn't only make HERO. The other side of the campus has a 230,000 square foot factory that manufactures Fiannatech. Fiannatech are semi-autonomous robots that are Fenian Robotics primary product. They work together in a swarm to accomplish whatever task they've been assigned.

Administrative Building

The final building on campus is a 70,000 square foot administration building that handles the business of the rest of the facility. There are also a number of engineers and designers hosted within. However, the majority of them work at the headquarters building downtown a quarter of a mile away.

Fenian Robotics Industrial Campus

There are a few more structures the facility needs. Security barriers and gates need to be erected around the perimeter of the campus. There also needs to be a dedicated power plant to provide the necessary electricity. The next order of business is working on the houses for the main characters that still live at home. There are four; The Kuroto Residence, The Akimori Residence, The Koizumi Residence, and the Shimizu Residence. Once those are finished all the exteriors will be done. Then it's a matter of revisiting the most important locations and designing their interiors.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.