HERO: Week of 04.10

Status Report - HERO: Week of 04.10

Posted:April 10, 2016
Transit Hub

Hi everybody! It's been a couple months since the previous update so I'll catch you up on recent developments. I hit a bit of a design wall on the Akimori Residence so I switched over to adding details elsewhere in the meantime.

Takeizumi Harbor

Part A; I added boat slips to the harbor along with associated details. The slip sizes run from 30 feet long up to 60 feet long. As fishing is a primary economic driver of Takeizumi, the harbor is an important location.

Maiwashi Shotengai

Part B; I returned to the Maiwashi Shotengai and the rest of the shopping district to revise exterior details. Much of this had to do with making paving tiles for footpaths. They change based on the area. The ground inside the shotengai is one location. Other locations with unique ground patterns are in front of the library and in the farmers market. The majority of the shopping district shares the same pattern with the colors slightly altered to reflect the areas.

Farmers Market
Convenience Store

All the alleys that cut between the buildings are now covered walkways with glazed skylights. There are just a few of these so I think they're a nice touch.

Shopping District

Part C; detailing continued up the street into the city core around the skyscrapers and transit hub. This area is being worked on right now so it's still being deployed. Most of the sidewalks have a simple slab, but a few of the buildings have special pavers and the transit hub will be unique as well.

Downtown Takeizumi

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.