HERO: Week of 08.14

Status Report - HERO: Week of 08.14

Posted:August 14, 2016

Great news travelers! I'm happy to report that 3D modeling the exterior of Takeizumi is complete!* The interiors are still in development but nonetheless this achievment marks a major milestone.

Shopping District
Downtown Takeizumi

HERO now moves into the next phase of development. With the world all modeled up I will turn to writing the script. All developers have their own models on how to make their projects. The one I've been following is that the setting drives the story. With a full world my hope is that it will tell me how events play out. Then the script will tell me what the other assets need to provide. I have roughs of the other assets—I've already drawn character sprites twice for instance—so hopefully this method will reduce time wasted on unneeded assets. The script will tell me how to detail interiors, what clothes and expressions are needed, etc.

Fenian Robotics
Takeizumi Harbor

For the next few months I'll be outlining and roughing in the resources I need to write. In November I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo to loosen up my writing tools. Then it'll be a marathon for probably the bulk of 2017. During that time I'll add bits and pieces to other assets as they become evident.

Shizen Shrine
Nagareboshi High School

That's how things will play out as we continue down the next leg of this journey. We've put a long road behind us and there's a long road ahead; thanks for sticking around and tally ho!

*Complete enough to call complete. 99.9% complete.

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.