HERO: Week of 10.16

Status Report - HERO: Week of 10.16

Posted:October 16, 2016
Landscape Plan

Greetings travelers! I've got a status update on our progress for you today. From the point the modeling was complete I've been outlining furiously. It's harder to show progress because there aren't straightforward images to post but much has been accomplished in the past two months. For outlining HERO, I created a rough outline and a fine outline. The rough outline explains what needs to happen during a set period of time. The story is broken down into three acts of about equal length which are in turn broken down into several groupings. Act One is the Common Route which plays out the same every time, with some variation based on player choice.

Character Routes

Once Act One concludes and passes into Act Two, the story diverges into the individual character routes, of which there are seven, titled in the image above. The core of the story remains the same, but the details unfold depending on which character route players choose. That continues from Act Two into Act Three and goes through to the finale. The fine outline breaks down to a finer level of detail, describing what needs to happen during each day of each act. I expect to be outlining for the remainder of the year, at which point I'll shift into writing tha actual script. My hope is that all this prep work will expedite writing so no time will be spent sitting around wondering what happens next.

Club Badges

I've also drawn a number of other assets and will continue to do so throughout the writing process. This included making landscape plans for the central areas of the city; the school grounds, the shopping district, the downtown district, etc. This tells me where plants go when I detail all those 3D backgrounds. Thanks as always for your support and stick around for more updates as events unfold!

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.