HERO: Week of 01.29

Status Report - HERO: Week of 01.29

Posted:January 29, 2017
Nagareboshi Landscape Plan

Hi travelers! Updates have been scant these past few months but progress has not. The outline is close to being finished. Act 1 is complete, Act 2 is about 85% complete, and Act 3 is about 40% complete. I've been able to fill in many holes I had yet to address so once this outline is finished I should be able to easily slide into writing the script. As a reminder, there are seven character routes to complement the common route, which all overlap to some degree depending of how the narrative unfolds. I've also crafted a number of ancillary documents to help the process advance smoothly, items like class schedules, weather forecasts, etc.

Hirayama Residence

Earlier this month I participated in Visual;Conference 2017, an online webinar held for the first time. About sixteen-odd speakers presented on a variety of visual novel related topics; I spoke about the use of 3D software to create art assets as seen in the majority of previous blog posts. The conference is over, but video recordings of the presentations can be viewed on youtube. Please check them out!

HERO Outline

Keep an eye on this space for continuing updates, as well as on our twitter/twitter and tumblr as development continues. Thanks as always for your support!

All images are unrendered, raw SketchUp models.