HERO: Week of 06.04

Status Report - HERO: Week of 06.04

Posted:June 4, 2017
Takeizumi - Harbor View

Hi travelers! I've got a short update for you today. I've been working hard these past few months on storyboarding, finishing the first round then returning to the start for round two to fill in the blanks. Act 1 is 100% complete. Act 2 is about 90% complete, with a couple of holes to fill in the second half. Act 3 is about 50% complete across the board. Since this is all writing there unfortunately aren't assets to show off. I hope to finish storyboarding sometime in June or July and move forward to writing the actual script.

Takeizumi - Hillside View

In the course of storyboarding I've developed a number of aspects that had been heretofore untouched. I created a curriculum for all classes during the time period of the game and tied what's learned in each to the story itself. In doing so, I determined that I needed to flesh out more teachers with names and basic personalities. Now every subject's instruction will at least have a name and a face. In developing the classwork for pilot instruction, I nailed down more concretely how the HERO themselves function, developing energy, mechanical, and informational systems. Now I have a better understanding of how they will actually work. Storyboarding has also determined many details of what future assets need to be, so when I reach that phase of production I will merely need to produce without having to take time to think first.

Takeizumi - Irie Beach View

Thanks for sticking with us on this long journey. More frequent updates can be found on twitter. Until next time!