HERO: Week of 12.29

Status Report - HERO: Week of 12.29

Posted:December 29, 2019

Hey travelers! How are you doing? Once again it's the end of the year. Sasuga Studios turns nine on January first. One more year, and we'll have been doing this thing for a decade. Wild, eh? It's been quite the journey, reaching this point, and the road continues to stretch out into the distance in front of us. There's still a lot to do. What was accomplished in this past year? The script for Act 1 was finished in February, as noted in the previus post, and then the remainder of the year was dedicated to working on Act 2. Eleven of its seventeen chapters have been written in their entirety. How many words is that? About 1,900,000, bringing the total so far to about 3,600,000. It sure is a lot, huh? But we're past the halfway point! It takes about a month to write a chapter, so the remaining six chapters of Act 2 will be written in the first half of 2020, then moving on to starting Act 3, finishing the whole script sometime in 2021. Then we enter the next phase. As always, watch the twitters @sasuganick and @sasugastudios to stay abreast of development with regular status updates.

Another year is gone, and I thank you all for your continued support!