HERO: Week of 08.30

Status Report - HERO: Week of 08.30

Posted:August 30, 2020
Mugen Museum Lobby

Hello travelers! Summer is on its way out, but the days are still hot. The progress I've made on HERO's script is also hot. Just a few days ago I finished writing Act 2. It's a long one to be sure, 4,200,000 words long. Add that to Act 1 and the total sits at 5,900,000. Act 3 is the next hurdle to clear. I estimate that it will take about a year to complete.

Rakurakutei Ramen Interior

I've also been doing some background work, mostly on building interiors. Many of them are actually as developed as the exteriors at this point, and I'm proud of how they've turned out. There are restaurants, stores, the cinema, the library, the museum, the arcade, and so on, and so on.

Squeenix GameStation Arcade

As always, watch the twitters @sasuganick and @sasugastudios for irregular but more frequent regular status updates.

I thank you all for your patience and and support of this lengthy yet fulfilling project!