HERO: Week of 07.04

Status Report - HERO: Week of 07.04

Posted:July 4, 2021
Takeizumi Shopping District

Greetings travelers! We're halfway through 2021 and much has been completed in the past six months. There are only six chapters left to write, six! Out of forty-nine total. The home stretch is coming within sight. The original goal was to have one chapter completed a month, and I've been slightly slower than that. The plan stands at having the script finished by the end of the year; six more months for six more chapters. The current word count is 7,250,000 words.

HERO Frame

On the artwork side, I'm finishing up the 3D assets for the backgrounds and started on the 3D assets for the HERO mecha. From this point forward you can expect to see previews of those being shared once in a while, mainly through twitter at @sasuganick and @sasugastudios.

Here's to a productive second half of the year, and thanks as always for your long-standing support!