HERO: Week of 01.09

Status Report - HERO: Week of 01.09

Posted:January 9, 2022
Fenian Robotics Assembly Line

Hey there travelers! It's 2022 and Sasuga Studios is now eleven years old. My, how time has flown. I hoped to have finished the script by the close of 2021 but I'm not quite there yet. I'm working on the penultimate chapter, which is basically the finale, and it's taking me extra long to get everything right. I estimate that I'll be able to finish it and the final wrapup chapter by the end of February, possibly March. The current word count is about 7,750,000 words and will end up at around eight million total.

Hospital Cafeteria

Once the script is finished, I'll be able to put the majority of my development time into art assets. Sharing those is more straightforward, so I hope to be able to offer progress reports more often. Continue to check twitter at @sasuganick and @sasugastudios for those as they happen, with collections being posted here less frequently. This has been a very long journey filled with a lot of hard work. I didn't expect to be spending so long on development, but here we are. This is a passion project to me more than anything else, and that passion still burns strongly so I'll be seeing this through to the end, however long that takes.

Thanks for patiently coming along for the ride. I hope those of you that stick around find something of value in the final work. As always, you have my earnest thanks.