HERO: Week of 12.31

Status Report - HERO: Week of 12.31

Posted:December 31, 2023
Hajime Park

Hi travelers! Tonight at midnight 2023 ends, and Sasuga Studios turns thirteen. It's pretty crazy how long we've been at this, huh? But every week ends with the goal closer than it was the week before so eventually we'll reach that point.

Yummy Veggie Vegetable Shop

Let's talk about background art. At the start of the year, I had begun the final stage of their production, which involves rendering out the base art from Twinmotion and applying the final adjustments in Photoshop. As usual, I underestimated how long it would take. I've currently got 260 out of 371 locations finished, which is about 70%. Finishing the remaining 30% will probably take from three to six more months, since about half of the remaining just have to be rendered and finalized, while the other half are still in need of deeper development work.

Mugen Museum of Arts and Sciences, yamato-e Gallery

Once we reach that point, and all that are left of the backgrounds are the final few, I'll transition to working on character art. I'll be drawing them in Illustrator, so they're going to be vector art. There are twelve main characters and thirty-six supporting characters that need sprites. The main characters each have five poses, a neutral position and ones for the generalized emotions of happy/excited, sad/dejected, angry/agitated, and afraid/nervous. Supporting characters have anywhere from a single pose to all five. Main characters average about sixteen outfits each, supporting characters have anywhere from one to four. Drawing these will probably take about as long as the backgrounds, so let's say a year and a half and see where that puts us.

Nagareboshi High School Gymnasium

While blog posts here have become few and far between, I post more frequent updates on social media, showing off the day's/week's progress. I'm mainly sharing on mastodon and cohost, but continue to maintain twitter (@sasuganick and @sasugastudios), and tumblr (sasuganick and sasugastudios).

Kuroto Household

Well, here we go again. Keep on keeping on, one day at a time, step by step, and we'll reach that finish line one day. Thank you as always for supporting this effort.