The name given to the alien invaders.


Aid & Restoration Worldwide Authority International Nexus; the world government established by the GAR Charter to oversee reconstruction.


ElectroStatic Inertial Neutron Generator; the nuclear fusion device that generates the energy necessary for the HERO to operate. Uses a Deuterium-Tritium mixture as fuel.

GAR Charter

Upgraded the UN in the wake of the 2040 invasion to combine resources for reconstruction and defense. Established GRYM, ARWAIN, & RHEOLI.


Global Response Yeoman Military; the Earth Defense Force established by the GAR Charter to defend the planet against future attacks.


Human Enhanced Robotic Operants; the machines built using a combination of human and alien technology.

Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokohama was the capitol of this prefecture that was part of the greater Tokyo area, between the metropolis and Mount Fuji.

Nagareboshi High School

One of the schools set up to train HERO pilots. Located in Takeizumi City. Currently enrolls ~375 students.

PUMP Engine

PUlsed MagnetoPulse; the engine that allows the HERO to 'fly' by using a Marx Generator to store energy and discharge it at high speed through an Ion Thruster that ionizes gas.


Research Higher Experimental Opportunities Learning Institute; the research organization established by the GAR Charter to study and create advanced technology.

Shizen Shrine

A shinto shrine that occupies the lower portion of the Takeizumi Peninsula. It houses Hantougami, Goddess of the Peninsula. The shrine was established in 796CE and has been served by the Hirayama family for generations.


The emotional connection quality between pilots.

Takeizumi City

A city of ~8,000 in Kanagawa Prefecture between Odawara and Atami, at the location of the real city of Manazuru. Half of its 4 sq kilometers are undeveloped forests of black pine and camphor.